Toni Akinwumi 10/16/2017

We're Off to San Francisco for GraphQL Summit 2017!

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We’re headed to GraphQL Summit! The conference will run from October 25 to October 26, and will feature a talk from one of our very own, Leanne Shapton. She'll be joined by a bevy of Shopifolk. In addition, we're also a proud sponsor of the diversity scholarship, helping five attendees travel to the summit.

Teaching GraphQL: Lessons from a beginner - Leanne Shapton

The difference between an expert and a novice is the way they conceptualize a problem. An expert is better able to remember and retrieve new information because their domain knowledge is organized in a schema. Whereas, novices store new information in related but not grouped domain areas making memory and retrieval of knowledge difficult.
This talk will focus on building a mental model of GraphQL to make learning more efficient for beginners. The concept map will explain relationships between existing knowledge (e.g. REST, CRUD and client-server basics) and group GraphQL concepts. The model has been tested by beginners. Lessons include common errors and assumptions made by developers when learning GraphQL.
Thursday, October 26 - 12:05 - 12:35

If you're interested in a career at Shopify, head on over to our careers page for information. Hope to see you there!