Help the Shopify Dev Team Raise Money for Charity!

Harry Brundage

A recent phenomenon has taken the tech world by storm: Dogecoin. Though goofy and grammatically unique, the Dogecoin has proven to be an incredible force for good in the world through initiatives like The Dogecoin Foundation.

For Shopify Hackdays then, the development team at Shopify took it upon themselves to make a gentlepeople's wager against the Business Development and Talent Acquisition teams at Shopify that the Dev team could raise more money in Dogecoin than the so called hustlers could by starting a Shopify business. Nothing like a good old fashioned competition to raise some money for charity.

With all this said, Hackers vs Hustlers 2014 has started, and we could use your help getting all the doge possible in the hands of our charity Doge wallet! The hackers at Shopify have got every server we can find mining doge: the whole hadoop cluster, every beefy box with GPUs, a bunch of mac minis, and even the Raspberry Pis which power our office dashboards. We're mining lots, but maybe not enough to overtake the hustlers by the end. We'd like your help!

The trick is, the rules strictly prohibit donations of any sort, so we can't just ask for doge directly. We can however just so happen to leave these mining pool credentials lying around, and really it is definitely ok with us if anyone out there wanted out of the good of their own heart to contribute to our mining efforts.

Pool URL: stratum+tcp://

Worker Username: DataEng.TechBlog

Worker Password: iRAKDHJksM77Mf

The charity we will donate all proceeds from both the hustlers' Shopify store and the hackers' mining efforts will be donated to the CompuCorps TECHYOUTH program, which provides children in low income families the opportunity to learn technology skills, and eventually get jobs in the technology field!

Doge Donations (which won't count for the competition, but will still go to CompuCorps) can be sent to this Dogecoin address: DM6xAdYmjMZd8eBNqZbse9cbGDRGb1ivfP.

Much thanks, many wow, very generous.