Hack/Reduce Ottawa

David Underwood

Last Saturday Shopify attended Hack/Reduce Ottawa, the latest in a series of data hacking days run by the fine folks at Hopper.  The interesting thing about k/R is that the focus is on data, not apps or APIs. The hosts provided some crazy processing resources (3.75TB of RAM and 375TB of storage) on Amazon's EC2 platform and various parties came armed with large data sets to hack on. Our data team came up with 1.1 million rows of anonymized US order data, and that was one of the smallest sets available(!).


There is a great write-up of the event over at the Hack/Reduce site. I'd like to thank Jean-Claude Batista, Taswar Bhati, Joel Sachs, Andrew Clunis, and Petro Verkhogliad for putting our data to work as well as the organizers and sponsors: Everyone from Hopper, David from InfoGlutton, the staff of Moca Loca (who provided an excellent lunch), and of course UQO for providing the event space.

Hack/Reduce is a killer event so if one shows up in your city, sign up! You won't regret it.