Ottawa Rails 3.1 Hackfest this Sunday (July 24th)!

Joey Devilla


This weekend will mark a world-wide hackfest in which Ruby on Rails users, supporters and enthusiasts will work on Rails 3.1. It doesn't matter if you're a former Rails Core Team member like our CEO and co-founder Tobi, a Rails amnesiac like me, or somewhere in between. People of all skill and experience levels, all over the globe, will be partaking in all sorts of activites, including:

  • Upgrading existing apps to Rails 3.1 and reporting issues
  • Testing plugins and gems: do they still work with 3.1?
  • Reviewing all the open issues and pull requests
  • Providing test cases and patches for 3-1-stable blockers
  • Writing docs: guides, API, whatever!
  • Blogging your experiences with 3.1

It occurred to me: Why isn't it happening here in Ottawa, home of a company that made its fortune on Ruby on Rails? And that's when I decided to go and make it happen. I hereby declare the formation of the Ottawa Rails 3.1 Hackfest!

Here are the details:

  • When: Sunday, July 24th, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Where: Shopify (61a York Street, in Ottawa's ByWard Market)
  • What: Me: I'll be writing Rails articles. You: whatever task you'd like to take on that you think will help or promote Rails 3.1. If you're an experienced Rails hacker, help write some tests, bug reports or docs. If you're new, come learn about Rails.
  • What else: I'll go scare up some snacks and drinks for people who come!
Come on down and help make our favourite web dev framework even better!