Build and deploy a Shopify app in 8 minutes

James MacAulay

Are you a developer with an idea for a Shopify app that’s been buzzing around in your head for a while but haven’t known what would be involved in implementing it? Here’s a screencast we just uploaded that shows you each step involved in the process of getting a Shopify app online for anyone to use.

After signing up as a Shopify Partner, you’ll need Rails, Git, and a free Heroku account to follow along at home.

Update: The process for using API credentials in production have changed since the screencast was recorded. Instead of running shopify.yml through ERB, the shopify_app plugin now always looks for the environment variables for your credentials before resorting to shopify.yml. So shopify.yml should go in your .gitignore file as soon as you use the plugin’s generator, and then you’ll never have to worry about accidentally including live credentials in your code.