Blair Beckwith 11/02/2012

Shopify Desktop Theme Editor 1.0 Release

The new Shopify Desktop Theme Editor allows any Mac user, regardless of choice in text editor, to easily keep a local copy of all of their theme files in sync with their shop. These files can then be edited natively using any text editor, and those changes automatically and seamlessly sent back to your store. The app is a super simple install; just grab the download [here] and drag it to your Applications folder. You're then ready to open up the app, add and authenticate your shop, and get started editting your theme files locally!

One of the main benefits of the new Desktop Theme Editor is the ability to use any editor to make changes to local, synchronized copies of theme files. Whether you use Textmate, Sublime Text, vim, or even emacs, you'll be right at home. Your changes will be automatically and magically synced to your store. You can even use a service like Dropbox to make your theme files available on any computer connected to your Dropbox account.

The Desktop Theme Editor lets you know when your theme files have been synced so you know everything's working right. Never worry again about changes not being synced or your connection failing. If you're working offline, you can manually sync the files when you come back online and get a notification when that's done.

If you're a developer or a merchant working on multiple stores, The Desktop Theme Editor can handle that too. There's no limit to how many shop's you can connect. It's great for contract work as a Shopify Partner or Expert, as well as developers in the App Store and Theme Store to see their changes across multiple test shops with different themes. If you only run an individual shop but use multiple themes (desktop and mobile, for example), you can edit multiple themes per shop too.

A massive thank you to Mitch Amihod who did the development of this app – he's done an amazing job.

You can download The Desktop Theme Editor from the Shopify App Store here.