Lydia Krupp-Hunter 10/17/2012

Upcoming API Changes

Hello developers! We have some very important news for you. There are changes to the API coming very soon that you should know about! The API team is excited to announce the addition of the Checkout API


Before reading any further, please be aware that while these changes are not yet mandatory, they will be in the near future. Further details about the exact date will be to come, but expect it to be in the next month. 

Am I affected?

If you are using the Cart or Order APIs, these changes will affect you. In particular, if your app manages abandoned orders, you should take a look at the new API as soon as possible.

What is being changed?

Presently, orders are created after the customer has entered their address during checkout. Initially, all orders are considered 'abandoned' until a financial status like 'paid' is set.

This is being changed. With the Checkout API, there will be a new state between collection of the shipping address (i.e. the first screen in checkout) and order completion. When a payment attempt is made on a checkout (the checkout is either paid, authorized or pending), the order is created. This means that there will no longer be abandoned orders; only abandoned checkouts.

Relevant webhooks (checkouts/create, checkouts/update, and checkouts/delete) have been added to the API and can be viewed here. Once the customer makes a payment attempt, the Checkout object is deleted, and an Order object is created.

How to get help

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please visit the tech forums, or contact