Lydia Krupp-Hunter 10/12/2012

Friday Roundup - October 12, 2012


Happy Friday, developers! This is the first of a new weekly series of blog posts where we share our favourite links from the past seven days to exciting new tutorials, features, and other Shopify tech talk. We hope you enjoy these posts!

E-Book : A Developer’s View of the Shopify Platform
Ever wanted a seriously thorough explanation of the Shopify platform that goes above and beyond the API docs and tutorials? It’s your lucky day because you can download A Developer’s View of the Shopify Platformby Dave Lazar, right now in time for some weekend reading! And if you're busy this weekend, every day is your lucky day because his book is licensed under Creative Commons. That means you can download it for free any time you like.

.NET Sample App - Lookbook
Do you feel like something is missing when you develop Shopify apps? Is that something .NET? Thanks to Colin McDonald and his excellent Shopify .NET API adapter, you can now develop Shopify apps with all the exciting possibilities that .NET has to offer. We’ve put together an example Look Book application for you guys to use as a starting point. Colin also offers some examples on the adapter project page. Go forth, use it, build things, and don’t forget to come back and tell us about it!

Shopify API Perma-Auth
This cool gem lets your app store permanent tokens, so you can make API calls at any time of the day or night (without reauthenticating).  The project is still a work in progress, and it looks like the author could use some help! Any Ruby devs want to help a guy out with a database migration generator?

How we doubled our android install rate in one hour
This is a short article, so I won’t ruin the punch line for you. It’s a great anecdote to remind us of the impact that tiny details can have, so be sure to take a look!

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