Joey Devilla 05/04/2012

International Day Against DRM and Deals on DRM-Free Books


Today, May 4th 2012, is the International Day Against DRM. As notes, DRM has largely been defeated in the world of music, but it remains a problem in the world of ebooks.

A number of publishers have curtailed your rights by rigging their ebooks so that you can't do what you can with a dead-tree book: you can't freely lend, borrow, resell or donate them. Some DRM systems even firmly tie them to a specific reading device; buying a new device means buying those same ebooks all over again!

Among the things you can do today are:

There are also a couple of Day Against DRM deals you might want to check out, including:

These deals won't last long. If you've been looking for deals on DRM-free programming books and videos, this is your chance!