David Underwood 09/12/2011

State of the API: September 12th 2011

It's that time again, boys and girls. Time to find out what exciting magic has been happening behind the scenes at Shopify!

  • Comment Routes And Docs - Comments can now be accessed by specifying the article alone, skipping the blog id if you wish:
    GET /admin/comments.json?article_id=134645308
    GET /admin/articles/134645308/comments.json
    We've also updated the docs to remove some commands that didn't actually do anything.
  • Publish All The Things! - We've added examples for everything that can be (un)published through the API to the docs.
  • Liquid Collection Fix - The layout engine will no longer explode when you try to access metafields on the 'all' collection in Liquid.
  • Better Webhook Test Data - The dummy data sent when generating a test webhook has been expanded to populate more fields.

API Gem Changes

We've made some major structure updates to the shopify_api source code. Previously, all the class definitions were in a single file that was very hard to navigate. In version 1.2.6 we've split that up so that each class has its own source file. Note that this doesn't affect usage in any way, but makes it MUCH easier to read.

Also in 1.2.6 we've also merged much of the functionality of the excellent shopify-api-limits gem into shopify_api. You can now get API usage info directly from us. Thanks to christocracy for the top-notch implementation.

The new version of the gem is up on rubygems.org, so run an update if you want to grab the new features.