David Underwood 08/29/2011

State of the API: August 29th 2011

 Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? No. I'm going to write about the changes made to the Shopify API over the last two weeks.


  • Shop Domain Names - To better facilitate our new policy of using a shop's myshopify.com domain as its unique identifier, we've added a new member to the Shop object: myshopify_domain. This will be used as the canonical id of the shop, with the existing 'domain' member displaying the primary domain of the shop (which may be custom). Here's how it looks in JSON:
    "domain": "shop.apple.com",
    "myshopify_domain": "apple.myshopify.com"

API Wrappers

Our brilliant dev community have produced two new API wrappers. Rob Conery has put together a .NET library for all you MS fanatics out there while our very own Dylan Smith crafted a new python offering. Both can be found on GitHub using the links below:

Once again as always I encourage everyone to sign up for the official Shopify Developer Google Group, it's a great place for asking questions, getting answers, or even just discussing the API. I'll have more updates for you in a fortnight.