Shopify 07/21/2011

This One Shopify Camp...

Screen capture of the Shopify Camp page (

If you're in the UK and you use Shopify, are thinking about using Shopify or wondering what Shopify's all about, the upcoming Shopify Camp is for you! The fine folks at Gengo Clothing are putting together a Shopify Camp for shopowners, people who make themes and apps and people curious about our favourite ecommerce platform, and they're doing it on that side of the pond, where they drive on that side of the road (I always suffer from left-right dysphoria every time I cross the street over there).

Right now, they're putting out a call for anyone who'd like to get involved with Shopify Camp. Are you a Shopify shopowner with ideas to share on how to run a store, a developer with app-building knowledge, a theme designer with suggestions on how to make beautiful, usable themes or a pundit who can talk about ecommerce in general? Have you got something to say or suggest about Shopify Camp? This is your chance to help out -- you can contact Gengo via:

They'll be announcing a date and venue for Shopify Camp soon. I'm working on making sure that we send some Shopifolks over -- more than likely me, as well as our resident Englishman David Underwood -- because we'd love to do presentations, meet you, take your questions, comments and suggestions and lead you in raucous beer- and accordion-fueled song.

Keep an eye on the Shopify Camp site for details as they get posted...we certainly will!