Willem van Bergen 11/05/2010

PHP Fog and Shopify Apps - a match made in the cloud

If you are planning to develop in PHP for the Shopify App Store, we've got a promotion and a super easy way to get your application online.

Lucas Carlson over at PHP Fog has created a one-click install for all PHP Shopify applications. Choose a domain, enter your API key and secret and a Git repo will be created with the latest version of the Shopify PHP API with all configuration settings already in place.

Shopify Application one-click install

Getting Started

This video will show you how you can get your Shopify Application deployed to PHP Fog in minutes:

PHP Fog Promotion

The next 20 users to register a Shopify Application with PHP Fog with this link will get $50 in credit towards their application! That's over 2 months of free hosting!

Need Ideas for an App?

Find some in our application wishlist thread created by Shopify merchants! When your application is ready to go, let us and the community know via Twitter at @Shopify!