Caroline Schnapp 09/27/2010

Font-face on Fun Friday

You may now use any font face you fancy on your Shopify storefront.

Shopify has an unpoliced policy called “Fun Friday” that allows its developers to spend part of their Friday contributing something to Shopify in the form of a side project that is entirely up to them. On such “Fun Friday” time, Tobi worked out how to allow any font to be used in a Shopify theme. That means you aren’t limited anymore to using fonts that are installed on your shoppers’ computer. You can pick any font and your shoppers will see it regardless of the browser they’re using.

Web designers can now upload fonts to a theme’s assets and use the @font-face directive in their stylesheet. It even works in Firefox. Head over to this wiki article for instructions.

Available in our theme store, Joshua Clanton ’s Alternative theme is @font-face-ready. Joshua loves typography and it shows. Check out his Alternative and Serif themes. In its theme settings, Alternative let’s you use either cufón or @font-face to display the beautiful League Gothic font.

Our most recent addition to our theme store is Deluxe by Ryan Langlois. In its theme settings, Deluxe lets you pick between the Titillium and Lobster fonts for headings, both rendered with @font-face:

Ryan’s Deluxe theme is packed with features often requested by shop-owners: it has a drop-down menu, an image slider on its homepage and a gallery of the shop collections.

Ryan’s Deluxe theme also uses a very sleek ajaxified cart that makes it easier for shoppers to add products to their cart:

Shopify’s designers love their fonts. Mark Dunkley and Daniel Weinand are just about equally consumed by their fiery love for the Papyrus font as evidenced here and there.