New Events for Web Hooks

Julie Haché

We’ve now introduced a few new web hook topics that will allow you to receive notifications for even more events. Web hooks allow you to receive notifications at a given URL. A web hook’s “topic” defines the event that causes the web hook to send an http POST to that destination URL. For example, web hooks can allow Shopify Application developers to receive timely updates for a shop’s events to a URL of their choice.

In addition to our existing order creation (“orders/create“) web hook, you’ll now be able to subscribe to more order-related events, such as order payment (“orders/paid“), order fulfillment (“orders/fulfilled“), and a more general order update (“order/updated“) that will be sent for any update to the order, including order payment and fulfillment.

Shopify Application developers can also subscribe to callbacks from the “app/uninstalled” web hook to find out when a user has uninstalled their application.

Creating a new web hook in your shop’s admin panel is simple:

Go to “Preferences” -> “Email & Notifications”. At the bottom of the page, click to add a new web hook, choose the event and its destination URL.

To ensure that your new web hook works correctly, you can test it by sending dummy order data to your destination URL.

Creating a web hook with our API is also simple:

POST the following data to

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

where topic is one of the following: “orders/create”, “orders/updated”, “orders/paid”, “orders/fulfilled”, and “app/uninstalled”.

For more information on how to use web hooks, see the API documentation and the wiki article.