Shopify 12/15/2009

New Theme: Onyx

A new Shopify Theme made by Shopify: we are happy to present to you Onyx.

Onyx is now available for free via the Theme Gallery. For the first time a Shopify Default Theme makes use of Shopify’s SVG Engine to auto-generate gradient background images that have any colour you’d like to see with your theme. No need to open up Photoshop and tediously create matching images. Onyx also comes with:

  • custom typeface support,
  • optional product image mirroring (makes products look like they sit on a reflective surface),
  • and a basic recommendation integration (you can email the url of a product to a friend).

Onyx comes in four different flavours by utilizing Shopify’s new preset feature and it is easy to add your own. All of its presets are created by just making changes to the theme settings and without adding or editing any HTML or CSS.

Below are some screenshots of Onyx’ presets.