Jesse Storimer 07/27/2009

Partners Area Update

We updated our Partners area to make it easier for you to develop and manage your Shopify apps. The ‘Apps’ tab in the Partners area now brings a greater focus to your apps.

We have more links to tutorials and documentation to help you get started, as well as a nicer overview of the state of your Apps.

Early feedback suggested that we make it easier to test apps – we’ve answered by letting you create test shops pre-popluated with some sample products and orders.

This is great if you need a quick and easy way to test a new app you are working on. Click on ‘Test Shops’ while viewing your Apps in the Partners Area to get started!

The rest of the Partners area has also gotten a visual update to match the style of these new changes.

If you are already a Shopify partner, log in and check out the changes. If you are not yet a Shopify partner, check out the benefits of our partner program.