James MacAulay 01/26/2009

Customizable 404 and search templates!

Shopify has some new toys for you designers to play with. When you go to your shop’s theme editor, you’ll find two new files listed as optional templates:

Clicking on either of them adds it to your theme, allowing you to customize the look of your search results and “404 Not Found” pages just like you can customize the other pages in your shop.

You might notice that the top of the default 404 template contains a new liquid tag:

{% layout none %}

This instructs Shopify to render the template without a layout, which makes sense because the 404 template contains everything it needs to be parsed as valid XHTML. As you might guess, the layout tag is also meant to allow a template to use other layouts besides the default

Alternate layouts aren’t available to everyone quite yet, but they’re coming soon.

For some 404 page inspirations visit pattern tap.