Shopify 02/21/2008

HTTP WebHooks for extending Shopify

Shopify’s latest feature allows you, in addition to receiving email notifications for new orders, also receive WebHooks. WebHooks are a way to tell Shopify to call a script on one of your own web servers and react to the event in any way you want.

Some possible uses for this feature include:
  • Notify your IM client or your pager when you are offline
  • Collect data for data-warehousing
  • Integrate your accounting software
  • Filter the order items and inform various drop shippers about the order
  • Create license keys for software sales

Once you register a webhook url with Shopify we will issue a HTTP Post to the url specified and pass on the Order as an XML document. Don’t worry, if your server is down we will simply try again until your server confirms to us that it has successfully received the notification.

To learn more about Web hooks please visit the WebHook wiki page